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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of working with you? 

Working with PAs come down to who you fit best with, so I'll never tell you that my services are better or worse than another's. What I bring to the author-PA relationship is professionalism from my corporate background, willingness to try new ideas and get creative, and approaching your books as a business rather than a transaction. I approach every task with strategy and thoughtfulness. As a coworker, I'd say I'm pretty fun to work with too!

What type of authors do you work with?

While I'm most comfortable working with authors in the romance or fantasy genres, I would consider working with any author regardless of their genre. What matters to me is if I can learn and understand the market you are tapping in to, and if it's a fit for me as a reader as well. 

What are your rates?

I bill clients on a monthly basis based on the amount of hours I've worked supporting their business. We can talk more specifics after we've chatted on the phone

Do you make and manage TikToks?

Yes, it is one of the many social platforms I support!

What is your stance on AI?

I do not feel comfortable working with authors who utilize AI to generate artistic content for their books or marketing of their books.


All imagery and content I utilize for authors is traceable to its original source and I support the hiring of human artists.

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